Offcanvas Section

You can publish whatever you want in the Offcanvas Section. It can be any module or particle.

By default, the available module positions are offcanvas-a and offcanvas-b but you can add as many module positions as you want from the Layout Manager.

You can also add the hidden-phone module class suffix to your modules so they do not appear in the Offcanvas Section when the site is loaded on a mobile device.


world clock

The World Clock consists of 2 clock-type arms with colorful lenses at each end. Unlike clock-type arms these are hinged. A small pin mounted on the rear disc moves both arms from their hanging, inert state at the 6PM location to their start position at their 12PM location, where they then swing due to gravity and turn freely in a graceful and quite spectacular manner.

This wall sculpture is modular - each World Clock takes a different interval to be brought to its starting position, so that with the help of subtle markings, an observer can actually tell the Time, Day, Month and Year and Internet Time from looking at this moving piece of art. There will be chime or melody type audio clues as well. Similar to the great animated marketplace clock towers in Europe, which attract crowds waiting for 12 AM to see the automatons and hear the chimes, the release of the World Clock arms will attract tourists and locals alike.   

An extremely cost effective alternative to this artwork, is to rear-project an animation of the World Clocks onto a screen. This colorful and impressively large-scale, animated display will be computer driven, so any imagery, message, etc can be interspersed, thereby attracting attention and delighting onlookers.



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