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1001 Cubes

Kinetic Art 1001 Cubes

...much like a contemporary Chandelier....

General Design: The modular structure of 10 cubes wide by 10 cubes deep by 10 cubes  high form an almost 20ft *20ft *20ft monumental suspended cube which will be custom-sized for the client's particular space.

There are interesting views from all sides, as well as from below. The cubes used are made of brushed aluminum (or if preferred – painted ABS, color selection open) and Lucite (acrylic).  Any light from a skylight or light spots above leaves a gently moving and ever- changing light and
shape composition, as the cubes turn on the 10 suspension wires.

Due to the light refraction in the Lucite, there will be subtle but eye-catching prism-colored reflections on the floor, as well as on the walls and the ceiling.

As a basic approach I suggest a voluminous 20ft cube assembly of approximately 800 Lucite and aluminum cubes (the remaining 200 are interspersed voids to make the cube visually more interesting – please see movie). The exact size of the cubes will be determined together
with the client's architect upon receipt of dimensioned drawings (incl. reflected ceiling plans). This light sensitive and impressively large-scale, suspended sculpture is most always in motion, and always changing shape and throwing light reflections – attracting attention and delighting
onlookers from small children to adults of all ages.

Click on the images to learn more about the 1001 Cubes design.

For more information contact Ralfonso

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