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May 5, 2005      Ralfonso is selected as the Winner of the 1st Prize and the USD 425,000  Commission in the International Sculpture Competition for the luxury condominium Opera Place Development in W. Palm Beach, Florida.  So far this project has not been built.

The successful kinetic sculpture submission is called Opera.

OPERA is a motor-driven kinetic aluminum/steel sculpture, which rotates slowly around its vertical axis, as the lights in the solid lucite center slowly change color,- and water drops fall gently from the top of its inner center.

The design of 6 different sized Opera Rings was inspired by the Logo for the Opera Place Development of BAP- .

The SURPRISE effect of  water "jumping" through  center of the rings as they turn delights the viewers and

 The soothing motion and sounds of the water drops make this an excellent choice for a luxury residence or condominium  complex.

Opera can be fabricated out of different materials and metals, matching the interior finishes of a large lobby, atrium, etc. It can be custom sized from 6ft all the way to 18ft to match the space proportions. Alternatively, it can be integrated into a fountain base or a reflective pond along with water and light effects. 

Click on the images to learn more about each Opera design.

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