Ad Infinitum

Exhibited at the Art & Science Biennale both in Beijing and Shanghai, where it won the 1st Prize in 2007.

#3 was a permanent installation in Zhengzhou, China – 7m or 23ft tall, Stainless Steel.

AD INFINITUM is a Latin expression, meaning “to infinity” or “endlessly”, – just as this sculpture will turn endlessly in the wind.

The heart of AD INFINITUM is an array of 36 intersecting metal ring discs, representing the 360 degrees of freedom – each one reflecting a different reality in the highly polished stainless steel surface. The “Infinity Center” is designed to look like the mathematical symbol ∞ for Infinity. Due to the intricate design and assembly, the view of it is ever changing, as it rotates simultaneously on multiple axis!

The eye and the mind are attracted and fully engaged, to follow the rotational horizontal spin of the central “Infinity Center” disc array, while at the same time the top part slowly moves into the wind on its vertical axis.

See https://youtu.be/mmgBwSkRdgs