Dance with the Wind

Dance with the Wind – 10m (33ft) – 2008 – Beijing, China

Commissioned as one of 19 monumental sculptures for the Olympic Games in Beijing, China 2008, where it is permanently installed.

Marine Grade Stainless Steel, mirror polished, 10m or 33ft tall with base.

Dance with the Wind is a kinetic sculpture which is designed for the outdoors, where it literally dances with the wind.

“Dance with the Wind” has been commissioned in 10m (33ft) for the Beijing Olympics 2008 and has been exhibited around the world, from USA to China, to Europe and to Dubai,

It was most exhibited at the Beijing Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCA), where it then was acquired for their permanent collection.

The original and unique 2007 fully functioning kinetic DANCE WITH THE WIND prototype (48cm) for the 33ft (10m) stainless steel sculpture commissioned for the Beijing Olympics 2008 successfully auctioned in excess of the upper estimate at the: “Contemporary Curated” Sotheby New York Auction on March 3rd, 2016, as Lot 325 on page 312 in the 2nd session.

To see the 10ft model in action:

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