“KARO” – Outdoor Kinetic Wind Sculpture
3m to 5m tall, SS316 marine-grade mirror polished stainless steel Kinetic Wind Sculpture

26 independently and self-balancing diamond “Karo” elements of different sizes create a swaying and undulating diamond shape. As the wind pushes on the diamond elements, they begin to tilt away from the wind, only to swing gently back, while passing on the motion to the connected members.
This back and forth motion, at different degrees and speeds for all the 26 segments, shows the sculpture “undulating” in the wind in gracefully motions.
The multi faced and multi-facetted mirror polished surfaces reflect sky, the land, – and most importantly the viewer, as the continuously change angle and what “reality” they reflect to the viewer.

See it in action here: https://youtu.be/3UKsaqEgZrk