Interactive public sculpture that rotates as viewers become active participants and step diagonally through the TUBUS, thereby rotating the 6 TON (13,000 LBS!) heavy and 50 ft. or 15m long steel cylinder.

Children love it and spend a lot of time trying to make it go faster… – inaugurated at the Homo Ludens Exhibition in the Netherlands – October 2009.

Ralfonso worked for over 3 years with the students and teachers of the following technical Universities/Schools: Hanze Hogeschool Groningen, Noordelijke Hogeschool Leeuwarden, TechnologieCentrum Noord-Nederland in conjunction with the BrainCenter of Philips Company, as well with the technical companies listed on the webpage in order to make this monumental kinetic sculpture a reality in 2009.

See the actual 2009 Exhibition Catalog page 32 and 33 at: https://issuu.com/tergil/docs/homo_ludens-cat

At the same exhibition Ralfonso showed the first EX STRATA see page 12-13 at: https://issuu.com/tergil/docs/homo_ludens-cat