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Kinetic Sculptures for Public Places

Dear Friend of my Ralfonso Kinetic Sculptures,
I send you and your family my warm wishes for your Health, Happiness, Prosperity – ALL THE VERY BESTEST FOR TWENTY TEN! As every year, I share my year-end 2009 Kinetic Art Update with you. 2009 turned out to be a very good year for me personally, marked by following highlights:

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1)    The installation of the largest yet “ExoCentric Spirits #3” in the new Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital lobby:

2) A new focus on smaller kinetic wind sculptures for residences and offices in the 2ft to 5ft range (60cm -1.5m). We now are starting to collaborate with a few high end galleries

Photography by Gregory Ross

3) After 3 years of intense collaboration with the students and excellent staff at the TechnologieCentrum Noord-Nederland and the LG Philips BrainCenter-Noord B.V. in the Netherlands, the 5m (15ft) interactive light and sound sculpture  “EX-STRATA” was officially unveiled at the Aqua Zoo in Leeuwarden.
This light and sound sculpture directly interacts and establishes a dialogue with people and children, by changing colors and patterns and sound bites in response to their movements and sounds. You can also send an SMS to the sculpture to change its colors.


  Here the EX-STRATA during the Inauguration at the Aqua Zoo Friesland in Leeuwarden, Netherlands:










4)  I was very fortunate, as my second design called TUBUS also was implemented (in the very last days)… So far it is my largest work, 52ft (16m) long, 13ft (4m) in dia. and weighing in at 12,000 lbs (6 tons)… Children can rotate this gigantic Tube easily by just stepping through it.

Overall I enjoyed a very creative 2009 with several new kinetic sculpture designs, such as the 2.1m  (6ft)  “KARO”, which is the most complex self-balancing windsculpture we have built todate, and the 10ft (3.3m) tall TWIST.

5)  To see some new designs actually move in the wind:

KARO #1 in 2.1m – see photo on the right:

TWIST #1 in 3.3m:
Or click here to go to my new Ralfonso YouTube Channel to select among more than 20 different videos.

Thats all for now, folks …
I wish you all the very BEST and remain, with warmest regards,
Kinetic Sculptures
for  Public Places
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W. Palm Beach, Fl 33401, USA
T.   +1 561 655 2745  

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