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Dear Friends,

I send you and your family my warm wishes for your Health, Happiness and Prosperity – ALL THE VERY BEST FOR 2012!!! 
As every year, I share with you my year-end 2011 Kinetic Art Update with you.  

2011 turned out to be a truly great year for me personally, marked by several large new projects, interesting comissions, – and most importantly, – new friends:
As quick update on recent installations, which are not on my website yet, – here are three examples of very recent new kinetic & light sculpture installations in China:

1.    I encl. a few photos of my recently installed BIRD OF PARADISE (20ft, 6m tall) in the Sensor Software Park in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province in Southern China –

2.    I was truly honored to receive the sculpture commission for the 100 Year Centennial Celebration of Tsinghua University in Beijing.

Please see below the link to a short new video re. this Interactive Light, Sound and Internet sculpture called EX STRATA (20ft, 6m) now permanently installed there.

The movie also shows the sister sculpture in the Netherlands.

I am thrilled to start working on a new, 7m (23ft) tall EX STRATA with the wonderful people of the NHL University in Leeuwarden, Netherlands in 2012!

Finally I so hope that we can connect all the EX STRATAs around the world via Internet and web cams, so the students and views can communicate with each other in real time via Light and Sound and Video… 


3.    Finally, I also encl. a photo and link below of my UNION wind sculpture (20ft, 6m tall) which was installed this Autumn in the Changchun sculpture park in China. This one is great fun to watch in action, as all the “wings” rotate, and intersect in space…

4.    I have enjoyed my first year on the board of trustees at the ISC – International Sculpture Center .

I learned a lot and had the privilege to meet wonderful people around the world that are also passionate about sculptural art.

Well, for you and your family my best wishes!!!

With warmest regards
and a Yodel from snow-laden Swiss mountains.

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