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b2ap3_thumbnail_2014-11-02-0318.jpg       b2ap3_thumbnail_2014-10-25-0272.jpg

Ralfonso’s UNION #3 in 9m (30ft) was selected as one of the competition winners at the 2014 International Sculpture Competition in Qingdao, Shandong Province, China. The organizing committee selected approximately 80 sculptural works from 2,500 competitors coming from over 40 countries.

Installation of this group of 6 wind driven KINETIC & LIGHT wing sculptures was permanently installed November 2014 at this beautiful waterfront site in the sculpture park.

Please see the movie link for UNION#2 which was installed 2013 in the Central Park of Orlando, Florida:

Please see the movie link for UNION#1 installed in the International Sculpture Park of Changchun, China: