Selected Achievements

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April 2017
Changchun City 2017 Int’l Sculpture Competition Award & Commission of the 7m/23ft LOVING HEART
February 2017
Ningbo Hangzhou Bay Int’l Sculpture Grand Prix Silver Award & Commission of the 12m/42ft FAMILY UNION
January 2017
Putian International Sculpture “Master Sculpture” Award & Commission of the 4m/14ft SPHERICAL CHI
November 2016
Ralfonso Group Exhibition at the Montreux Music & Convention Center – Miles Davis Hall.
September 2016
Ralfonso receives Top British Architecture Award for BEST ENVIRONMENTALLY INTERACTIVE SCULPTURES.
April 2016
Commission of FLAMENCO #1 (2.5m/8ft) permanently installed on the Singer Island Beach, USA.
March 2016  
SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL successfully auctions the first Ralfonso kinetic work in New York
February 2016
FORBES Magazine online article re. Ralfonso’s new small kinetic works for private homes, galleries & museums.
December 2015 
Acquisition for the permanent collection of “Dance with the Wind” by the Beijing Museum of Contemporary Art.
August 2015
Commission of EX STRATA#4 (4m/15ft) for the Changbai Mountain Sculpture Park, China permanent collection.
March 2015
Selected as Academic Advisor and Committee Member at YOUTH +, Beijing China.
February 2015
“TWIST” 4 months at the Int’l Kinetic Art Exhibition & Keynote Speaker – Boynton Beach, Florida, USA.
January 2015
CNN INTERNATIONAL airs “ART OF MOVEMENT” documentary about Ralfonso’s sculptures around the world.
November 2014
Unveiling of  UNION #3 (10m/33ft) for the City of Qingdao Sculpture Park, China permanent collection.
September 2014
KARO at the “Critical Connection” Exhibition at Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCA), Beijing, China.
September 2014
Unveiling of EX STRATA#3 (8.5m/28ft w. base) for the NHL University, Netherlands permanent collection.
April 2014 
MAGIC TREE Kinetic Sculpture in Wuhu Sculpture Park featured on Earth Day by CoD+A.
February 2014
New Commission & Prize during the 15th Changchun International Sculpture Park Competition.
November 2013
1 months as Teacher of the first ever Kinetic Art Course in China – Tsinghua University, Beijing China.
Runner up with Honorarium for the $500,000 new “Conoco Univ. of Alaska”, Alaska commission.
August 2013
Runner up with Honorarium for the $200,000 new “Kaohsiung World Trade Center”, Taiwan commission.
August 2013
Winner of the TOP 100 CoD+A International Public Sculpture Award for Cube Tower, Changchun, China.
June 2013     
3 Ralfonso sculptures for 6 months at the Int’l Kinetic Art Exhibition “Mouvements et Lumières” at the Frank Popper Center, Marcigny, France.
Feb. 2013
4 months Exhibition at the Int’l Kinetic Art Exhibition & Keynote Speaker – Boynton Beach, Florida.
Feb. 2013
Commission of “UNION#2” Sculpture Group (7.6m/25ft) for the permanent City of Orlando, Florida collection.
Nov. 2012
“Dance with the Wind” Sculpture (40cm/1.1ft) auction by Christie’s Asia Chairman Francois Curiel in Geneva.
July 2012
Commission of CUBE TOWER (8m/26ft) for the permanent Changchun Int’l Sculpture Park, China collection. See more here
April 2012
Commission of MAGIC TREE (6m/20ft) for the “Wuhu Liu Kaiqu” Int’l Sculpture Park, China collection. See more here
April 2012
Finalist with Honorarium for the $150,000 College of Denver, USA “Auraria Center” commission.
January 2012
Commission of EX STRATA (7m/23ft) for the permanent NHL University, Netherlands collection. See more here
September 2011
Commission of UNION (6m/20ft) for the permanent Changchun Int’l Sculpture Park, China collection. See more here
January 2011
Election to international board of the ISC – International Sculpture Center, USA
December 2010
Commission for the permanent collection and exhibition of Bird of Paradise (6m/20ft) at the China MTLE International City Public Sculpture Exhibition see more here
November 2010
Commission for the permanent collection and exhibition of EX STRATA (6m/20ft) for the 100 Year Celebration of Tsinghua University, Beijing, China. See more here
October 2010
Finalist with Honorarium for the £80,000 ($120,000) new Maternity Ward, Ulster, Ireland commission.
May 2010
6 months Exhibition of “Dance with the Wind” (3m/10ft) at “Sculpture on the Green” Cashier, NC.  USA.
May 2010
“Sabrina” Sculpture (40cm/1.1ft) auction by Christie’s Asia Chairman Francois Curiel in Geneva for Sfr. 24,000.
January 2010
Finalist with Honorarium for the $360,000 Oklahoma State University Ctr. for Health Sciences commission.
October 2009
Ex-Strata #1 (5m/16.5ft) and Tubus #1 (15m/50ft) 1 year “Homo Ludens” exhibition in the Netherlands. see more here
January 2009
ExoCentric Spirits #3 Commission for central lobby of new Children’s Hospital, Pittsburgh, USA see more here
November 2008
Three Ralfonso 3m/10ft sculptures at inaugural 1 year Cuadro Gallery exhibition, Dubai, UAE.
September 2008
Certificate and Award at Changchun International Sculpture Conference, China.
August 2008
China Sculpture Institute elects Ralfonso and Dennis Oppenheim as Advisor to CSI.
June 2008
Olympic Bronze Prize Winner in the 2008 Olympic Landscape Sculpture Competition, selected from over 2,400 submissions from 82 Countries by the Chinese Olympic Art Committee for the Olympic Games 2008 in Beijing for OLYMPIAD – one year traveling exhibition through 12 Cities in China, California, the Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland, Italy, etc.
May 2008
“Dance with the Wind” at 6 months “Sculpture in Motion” Exhibition Botanical Garden, Atlanta, USA.
October 2007
Selected by the Committee of “Art & Dream for the Beijing Olympics” as one of 19 invited international Artists to create a 10m/33ft (with base) kinetic sculpture called “Dance with the Wind” for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. Permanently installed next to the Swimming Pavilion. see more here
July 2007
Recipient of the second Honor Award in the “Beauty of Harmony” Competition for MOVING ON UP – by the National Guiding Committee for Public Sculpture, P.R. China.
May 2007
Group Exhibition and Prize Winner at the Art & Science Biennale, Shanghai, China.
March 2007
City of Zhengzhou, China licenses a 23ft (7m) Ralfonso AD INFINITUM sculpture design. see more here
December 2006
MTR Corporation HK – Commission for a 50ft by 33ft (15m by 10m) ExoCentric Spirit #2 suspended mobile for the central lobby atrium of the new Elements Mall in Hong Kong. see more here
November 2006
French fine cognac company Martell (Pernod Ricard) licenses Ralfonso G-Ring Design for 5,000 small sculptures and 3 large ones.
November 2006
Exhibition of AD INFINITUM at the 2nd Art & Science Biennale the Tsinghua University, Beijing, China.
September 2006
Invited speaker at the “Public Art for the 2008 Olympics” conference and keynote speaker at the Beijing Central Academy of Fine Arts and the Tsinghua University, Beijing, China..
May 2006
3 Ralfonso Sculptures at Kinetic Art Group Exhibition “MomentuM” at Grounds for Sculpture, New Jersey, USA. May to September ‘06.
April 2006
Recipient of the Outstanding Award and Money Prize in the International Sculpture Competition by the City of Beijing (selected from 2700 submissions from over 40 Countries).  Group exhibition May to July 2006 in Beijing.
May 2005
1st Prize Winner of USD 425,000 BAP International Sculpture Competition for Opera. see more here
May 2005
3rd Prize Winner in the USD 300,000 International Sculpture Competition for 610 Clematis in W. Palm Beach, Florida.
March 2005
Royal Caribbean Cruise Line commission for the 40ft by 20ft, 160 disc, suspended mobile “ExoCentric Spirits #1”. see more here
April 2005
Co-Recipient of the Ballet Florida commission for a 131’ (40m) by 33’ (10m) Photographic Mural entitled  “Poetry in Motion”.
September 2004
KAO group exhibition at the Library of the Academy of Science, Beijing, China.
August 2004
Purchase by RBI Corp. Permanent installation of the 16.5ft (5m) Moving on UP #1 in front of the New Star building in St. Petersburg, Russia. see more here
July 2004
One month Ralfonso kinetic sculpture solo exhibition at the Grand Hotel Kempinski, St. Petersburg, Russia.
June 2003
15ft. Ralfonso Kinetic Sculpture exhibited 3 months at the 3rd Biennale ART IN MOTION 2003 in Leeuwarden, Netherlands.